14.1 Political Sciences at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Political Sciences research at the University of Groningen is not carried out at any of its nine faculties in particular. Instead, political science is studied from a multidisciplinary approach.

You may find it at the Faculty of Arts where different programmes in International Relations and history are taught and which hosts the Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture (ICOG).

Other faculties that may offer programmes that could fit into the thematic field “political sciences” are the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Behavioural & Social Sciences.

At the Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies you will find two research groups that touch upon the subject of political sciences: (1) “Religion, Representation and Power” focuses on the interplay between religion with political, social, cultural and historical developments; and (2) “Meaning, Tradition and Change” studies how political standpoints based on religious principles (for example virtues) are legitimized.

In order to find a supervisor you may (a) browse our website and contact the staff member yourself; (b) contact the Graduate School of the Faculty involved; or (c) contact the University of Groningen Europlata coordinator. Please always enclose your English-language CV (Europass format) and a brief description of your research topic in your communications.